Teen ass closeup on escalator

Waited for her to get on the escalator as she was actually checking out way behind me. I liked that tight ass and her hair smelled sooooo good! :drooling_face:


Thanks the guy invented escalator :smiley: :smiley: babes know that we are behind them and below, perfect angle to see ass completly and perfectly :stuck_out_tongue:


Strange I just posted a girls ass in jeans on the escalator and it got removed for not getting enough likes. It looked just like this as well


Such a sexy ass

Ok J.Biden

This happend to me many times its kind of sad i posted several times of good post but didnt get enough like and got removed

Excellent catch! that girl must have been stunning great teen ass and legs

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It seems pure luck. Sometimes I get few hits for comparable content.

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I think besides the girl, it’s the story behind that particular catch that gets people going. I always try to tell my story what led up to doing those shots.

gorgeous pov
:fist: :sweat_drops:


I’m fucking dead “her hair smelled nice” lmfao

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Well let us take a look at your content and what hair your subjects have - oh, right, there is none.

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It wasn’t a diss. Srry u took it that way.