Teen at working on the computer


Beautiful ass, sticks out beautifully


Wow!!! That’s what I try to do especially when they are wearing Leggings,but them Jeans are spectacular … and I don’t post other people’s work … I don’t want to claim others content

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I got started doing upshots going up flights of stairs at a university. Started off with shitty phone creeps, then bought a watch with a shit tier camera, but it allowed me to take shots without being scared shitless.

Weeks before covid hit I got into taking vr180 upshots following college girls up the stairs. I planned on uploading here, but it all got ruined by covid. Soon as this is over though, gonna start taking vr180 shots again and will post a few here. I gotta tell you, vr180 creepshots are next level. Here’s a small sample.(Just a picture from a video)

(Sorry for long ass random reply, was gonna just say same, but reminded me of my early days being interrupted)


God damn, that’s really nice. Thank you very much

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So petite, but such a bubble on her, perfect and round. Built for sin. God damn.

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And she has some money (100$) leggings lol

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Fucking gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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The most seamless of panties, and that ass is unreal


Looks like a really high riding thong to me. :grinning:

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I choose to believe there’s nothing or maybe a gstring

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It look like she had on a thong when i was up close to her … but i just couldn’t stop looking at that Ass!!!

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Did you want to squeeze her ass and maybe give it a hard slap, I’m sure her ass looks even better in person

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Now that is my kind of Girl! She’s so perfectly fresh!!!

Holy shit how did you get such low angles?

Spectacular round ass, built for fucking