Teen hungry ass in short shorts

This teenie latina was with her family shopping in short shorts… I was trying to cap her sweet ass glad I followed her…love the look on her face when I start recording she knew I was being pervy😛


That expression is really cute. She obviously wants to be looked at, dressed like that


She liked the attention. Sweet jeans girl!! :eggplant::ok_hand::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::boom::fire::bomb::relaxed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Damn she’s really cute, and the way she bent over :disappointed_relieved:


She wants it

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Cute curvy girl don’t get why people keep doing checkout line videos but making it work with 360 angles

Right!.them shorts were extra tight around that ass👀

She’s the sweetest😋

No joke had to pause that moment pretty damn epic✌

Haha I noticed her intentions :sweat_smile:

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I usually get checkout videos, follow alongs, or isle check. Which I like to coin the term for finding hot chicks throught the isles and recording while they’re still shopping.

Obiviously oblivious to the camera. Gotta get it in like anyone else would, gotta have that drive for candids😁

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Her ass is huge for the overall size of her

Great capture

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Thanks man always keep an eye out for booty

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Thanks…I like to post videos I feel pics don’t serve enough justice🤳

Lmao that made my day🤣

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Thx man I try to push content always