Tell me when you knew you had a fetish for creepshot/Candid (Yoga pants,spandex shorts etc.)

Just thought we start a discussion of when you found out you loved taking pictures, videos and obsession for great plump asses.

I’ll start! For me it all started in 7 and 8 grade. when Yoga pants came along only the “hoe” or “slut” of the grade wore leggings/yoga pants out. Growing up I wasn’t a player but I’d forsure you know text girls and hangout with them couple times a month.

I remember specifically telling them to come out in yoga pants just so I could stare at that ass for hours. Not only that but I remember hooking up (didn’t have sex just basic kissing and grabbing) with this PAWG my 8th grade. She wore these leggings and I Jerked off to her for months lol. I fell in love with her just because she had a fat ass and wore leggings all the time.

9-12 grade came along and it was heaven a bunch of rich white girls wearing tight pants all year long. It’s almost like they didn’t care that they’re whole shape of their ass was out. I remember catching so many of my guy teachers just spaced out checking out these teens. I thought it was disgusting at first but now I 100% understand. Especially since these girls are becoming so thick so quickly and easily. My friends and I started taking pictures of these white girls ass and just sending them to our groupchat. I was in love with the idea. I kept going but after a while they stopped and I stopped too.

But came this one time I saw this milf and she at the time had the best ass I’ve ever seen and I knew I couldn’t just let something so great get away. So I decided to take a picture of her ass. That was 4 years ago and ever since then Ive loved the rush of perhaps getting caught, the rush of following some ass, the rush sneaking in some pictures just so I can have fun with them later and post them so that others can have fun. Not only that but the fact that these woman don’t know thousands of men are jacking off to their ass online is something that I love. Love that theirs a community of people just like me. That like a simple fat ass.

Please comment below your story and how you got started!!


In terms of actually capturing candids, college was my origin point. There was this Asian classmate who had a nice booty that I ended up capturing multiple times. Bent over and other poses. I still jerk off to those. Once I captured her, I developed the confidence I needed to capture at will. Another one was this blonde pawg with black spandex that just was tight against her booty. She was turning so many heads when she walked. I managed to capture walking up the stairs. My goodness. There was some lucky cleavage and other miscellaneous ass.

I’m definitely planning on putting some of those out. I just need to edit them. If only I had the same skills back then that I do now, I llwould gotten so much more.


Started at 8th grade for me too, had a girlfriend for a while and I stopped and deleted everything, now I’ve started again.


when I came out of the birth canal


I started about 4 yrs ago to simply take pictures. That didn’t do it for me because I badly messed up most shots and I couldn’t watch ass movement. :sweat_smile: So I got a new phone 3 yrs ago and that’s when I started practicing taking videos. Even the very first clips came out great and I was instantly addicted.

And so I specifically went looking for leggings and tight jeans, my favorites. Never cared to much for dresses because they don’t expose that much. I was doing good in terms of going unnoticed most of the time. Other than a stupid security guard who somehow realized instantly what I was doing, nothing bad happened. And I did not stop there, I went right on to the next store to shoot another girl.

Just like with a hunter, there were occasions when nothing but old ugly material came along that wasn’t even close to being worthy of shooting. Other occasions though I had hours of material that I would edit for days to come, doing about one girl a day. :yum::drooling_face:

During the first weeks of the pandemic, I was forced to take a break. That hurt and I felt like I had to learn everything all over again because of distancing rules and such. Not the best year for shooting. But last year I really took off and had some of the greatest clips ever.

So yes, I’m addicted and always have been from the get-go. There are slower times that I’m busy with other stuff, but I always come back.


When i hit puberty my neighbor was MILF. I was just a couple years older than her son and I would hang out with him and go over to his house just to see her. Sometimes she would even leave her dirty clothes in the restroom after taking a shower. I snatched some of her dirty panties LOL. I would take videos of her. I deleted most of them because since i was a boy i was a bit paranoid that i would get caught. Years later I made a move on her but she said that she has known me since I was a little boy and that because of that she will always see me like a little boy. But she is the one where i got into candids. I also had some of a blonde MILF teacher I had she was bad AF big tits and ass the whole thing.


My origin story was back in 10th grade. Girl in my class had this slim thick physique, skinny blonde chick with a massive dumper. She’d come to class with these american eagle shorts with her asscheeks hanging out. Id constantly check her out then finally decided to take a pic. After that, it became a daily thing. So, here i am lol


Thought to myself, “I gotta remember that ass!”
This may have been my first in late 2010, fairly certain as I am almost done going through all the old backups.
2011 I found Twitter and a large group of folks doing it, until they booted everyone in like 2016/2017
Been here two years I think now, or coming up on it. Never stopped creeping, just stopped posting.
Here it is:


Great topic and honestly I do not remember, probably in Seventh grade when this thick Latina girl I had always had a thought ng for because she would sit in front of me in class and her thing would be shower along with her sexy back, I couldn’t help but to play with myself in class it was so hot