This PAWG was putting on a SHOW [OC]

She saw me and I thought I was busted. But then she came over and started bending over in front of me. I couldnt fucking believe it. I actually uttered “no fucking wayyy” under my breath. She obviously loves the attention. Enjoy!!


If that’s not a “here’s your sign” moment, i don’t know what is. If she knows I’m capping and indicates wanting to participate…i may also offer to take her dancing. Specifically, the horizontal tango.


omg bro please drop the vid

Bbw would be the correct term on this one

Good LORD, is there a vid??

Unfortunately i deleted the video. Its just out of habit. I only take video for the screen grabs later on, and usually the vids arent even good. Super shakey, only on the subject for milliseconds at a time. And then i spend a lot of time meticulously extracting the clearest shots.

But i will admit, this particular video wasnt so bad. She stayed in frame for awhile, so im kinda beating myself up for deleting it. But like i said, it is mostly out of habit, cause once i had the best screenshots, i was pleased enough to just get rid of the vid.

And no i didnt talk to her haha. I have zero game.


She was waiting for you to ask her number

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i can see myself taking her doggy


I had the same situation a little while ago. She looked right at my phone camera twice and not even a minute later…BAM. Phat ass bent over right in front of me. Couldn’t fucking believe it.

These are great caps, btw. I honestly think very few chicks do know and just think, “well, let’s make his fucking day.”


That looks delicious :drooling_face:


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Great show, so curvy and perfect.

Careful! That would imply that they’re able to give consent, fantasy killer as that is. :imp:

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Chill …you’re starting to sound like a Karen here picking apart everything people say…it’s just a forum


I’d have to absolutely let her know she made my day

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I think she must have like you very much :wink: she pretends to look at something and
bends over in front of you to give the sign its ok take contact and ask her number :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: