Be careful out there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Anyone who enjoys this “hobby” and doesn’t expect to get caught at least once should take a step back and think about what they’re doing. I guarantee most of the people we take pictures of can tell what we’re doing… this guy got unlucky and got the 1 out of 100 that is willing to say something about it. Every day we risk our livelihoods and risk being caught… depending on how you look at it it’s part of the fun or part of the danger of doing it.


Seen her tiktok account. She obviously likes showing herself from the videos she makes. The guy in the video its kinda obvious of what he was doing. Just gotta up your game more with better techniques.


Idk! Seems the interaction would have gone on much longer than a single photo. He was moving a lot, and goes and “shows” friend, maybe on a dare. I don’t think this would be someone that is even in to the idea of viewing the material on this site, unless a newby, the movements were just not there! All that for one photo? At those speeds you’d be lucky to a single clear photo.
No, I don’t think so.

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I’ve noticed that a lot of these videos are starting to go out and going viral these rookies are ruining it for everyone


man i swear i was just about to poat a link to this… just read it… whats the legalities on this?? anyone know?? i mdo know that if you are in public you have no right to privacy as the word privacy (private) is the polar opposite of publicly (public)… link i was about to post

Yahoo! Voices: Woman spots man’s alleged creepy behavior in gym mirror: ‘What do you think?’.

Honestly she only just showed she was not wearing her mask it is under the nose.

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I’m looking for a group of laws I have saved…

I’m no anti-masker, but I don’t where one.

If you’re going hard at the gym, the mask should get wet from sweat therefore stopping flow of oxygen. If not, go back to hogging the bench scrolling through social media.

Learn when the words fit.

Wear and Where.

Masks are useless when not covering the nose so better off without then.

Respect the purpose of masks.


Man, seems there is amateurs everywhere… I know we can’t all be pros at candid filiming but you have to be aware of your surroundings and where your shooting… if your at the gym and recording a subject in front of the mirror maybe be more cautious how you approach your subject…you come up to your subject extra happy and nervous it’s obvious what u doing. Women can sense a man’s bullshit they are super emotional and can sense things. Trust me I’ve been thru plenty of relationships and etc. Women feel a lot more than what a man can accomplish.


Also have to choose locations better. Gyms are not usually the best place to film without being seen. Not the worse but you have to be much more discreet. I find places like malls hardware shoes stores. Great booties in these places.

Dude in the video is a moron too tho. First thing he did was make eye contact with her LOL. You’ve been made. Move along. Tons of beautiful girls everywhere.


Her thigh was blocking him as he squats, all you can see are his legs. You can’t see his face, hands, phone anything. Obviously she’s going to have a totally different perspective because she’s not level with her phones camera & maybe saw something no one else can from this video but like? Dude seriously??? Can someone count how many fucking circles he walked in??? I’ve definitely noticed dudes capturing in public before, but never have I seen anyone act this sketchy before, ESPECIALLY in a gym.


Gyms have some of the best content

:+1: :rofl: Come at me with autocorrect?

Respect the purpose of discourse and stick to the topic. I replied comedically in kind.