Too many blurry pics

Why do people post so many blurry pics? It’s really frustrating to have to sort through all this garbage to find good posts. It’s also really unfair to those of us who post good content. Our good content gets flooded out of existence by all of this blurry garbage.

These posts are like sorting through pictures of bigfoot. Everything is blurry!

Have some respect for your fellow forum readers. Don’t post blurry content and don’t forget to crop & rotate.


I completely agree with you!

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It is super frustrating! Bad cropping/blurry shots are my biggest pet peeve. Maybe there’s some way for the moderators to tag posts as “blurry” so we know to steer clear of them or even delete them altogether. Other candid sites I visit have standards for posting and blurry pics get deleted. No offense to the people who post the blurry pics and I’m glad people want to give content to this site but come on man, try a little harder or don’t post the pics at all


I think the blurry tag is a good idea. I posted a few that arent perfect but I definitely haven’t posted a lot that I know are blurry because I hate seeing that shit too.

I definitely had to work up my courage before I posted here, not because I was afraid of shooting, but because the quality of most Posts are so good I wanted to make sure that I had some thing similar



Same here, I’ve been “lurking” for a while but got out there and have captured some beauties. The ones I think are worthy get posted here, it’s quality over quantity at the end of the day.

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I know that my first candid pics were complete garbage. It took a while to refine my technique, but I would never dream of subjecting y’all to my shitty pics.

Maybe some guys just get so turned on by the thrill of the hunt and capture that they don’t notice that what they are shooting is garbage.


Yeah, it’s a lil of everything. That thrill is what is embedded I think.

I totally understand the thrill. Sometimes it’s just about the excitement of the chase and the adrenaline rush of capturing a beautiful ass, but a blurry pic isn’t worth sharing. It’s also not worth getting into trouble over.

Imagine getting caught by security and being plastered all over the news for creeping. A man’s life can be ruined even though taking candids isn’t illegal in most places. All it takes is one self righteous Karen to film you and post it all over social media. Is that risk worth it to get a crappy, blurry pic?

More than anything, the blurry pics just make this forum less enjoyable. It’s a waste of time to have to click on post after post of blurry pics just to find the good stuff. We have some great posters here, but their work gets buried by the shitty posts.


Fucking LOL.

Post titles will be like “UNBELIEVABLE blonde MILF almost CAUGHT! VTL PAWG MUST SEE (HD)” and then this will be the pic:



Hey dude, use your own crappy picture! :joy::v:t3:

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Haha sorry man, I did like the photos. I literally just clicked on a random thread and edited the pic to look as shitty as possible lol

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I know, no hard feelings from my side! :beers::joy:

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This is what I see:

Headline: MUST SEE, best pawg ever!



:joy: Truth


I totally agree it’s frustrating. I don’t understand if your going to post something then make it look good. Either it’s blurry, to far away, sideways upside down or some other deformation. I just here to have people enjoy what I post not have to sort through crap and waist of time pictures. Take a few seconds and clean up the pics before posting.


Honestly the blurry & crappy pics don’t make me want to share my own pics. I hate having my posts get buried because hundreds of knuckle heads like the crappy ones.


There’s a reason blurry pics are on top. People don’t care about an elegant shot with great lighting, composition, and editing. People want raw, real, up close and personal dirty shots of the thickest, sexiest and hottest sluts out in the streets with wedgies, thongs and bouncy boobies spilling out of ridiculously tight clothing. I’m sorry but the whole art stuff is too niche, and clean for the average horny perv. That’s my just my 2 cents.

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Oh my! You just poke the Lion.

This guy…this is why good photographers want nothing to do with this site.

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