Too much content

Anyone else run into the problem of having too much content but no time to edit?

I feel like everyday I get good captures but never get the chance to edit and post them.


It happens to me too. I can easily shoot 600-800 shots every time I go out. That’s a lot to edit.

I hang onto the files and just edit them when I can. This gives me something to do in the winter months when there are no candids to shoot out in public.


Agreed, same here…

I record video then pull caps from the video so I have to go through my captures and pull out content haha. Also being from a state that essentially has no winter it’s content 365 :joy::joy:


I get it. Just spent a week on the beach. Gonna be editing til Xmas.


@dbcooper yep same here!

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I have loads of content from prior years I never posted!
I went on vacation and didn’t get a lot, but still no time to edit. I don’t want to post caps and a separate video, personally not a fan of it.


Yeah I know. I like everything to be organized under one post. Finding the time to edit is a pain lol

I’m sitting on so many captures I’m feeling too lazy to edit. Partially my own fault for shooting the same subjects at various times, which really makes me not want to go through them. I’ll finally drop some stuff soon though since I’ve been a little more motivated.


Im a bit of an ASS HOARDER myself! I still have stuff from 2018 I haven’t even touched yet. I kinda like it cause when I decide to dig and look at old footage Its almost like Im watching something new…but at the same time I remember every little thing about the shoot once I see the ass (if that makes sense). I don’t think ill ever get caught up with editing tho!


Same I’m just too lazy.


Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who has this problem. I love the thrill of the shoot but editing not so much although I want to share with everyone. I’m sitting in some fire content right now I need to edit and put out


Saaame. Got shots from like 3 diff weekends, but when I get home, it’s not the first thing I’m doing. Gotta smash out a few good ones soon tho! Got some bangers waitin

Shoot maybe lol

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ive been hunting regularly since about 2016 and have about 75000 pics, only have 2021 and this years left to edit then gonna go nuts posting


I have about a years worth saved up… thats why you see so many posts from me right now… need to clear some space lol

Oh wow! You delete? Ugh….
I keep everything!!! And file it by type and year.
I have a period from roughly 2017 to 2020 where I just saved shots/vids and posted nothing - all the sites were getting taken down!

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same here