Top Tier Blonde Pawg in Denim One Piece

Been a long time lurker and this is my first post here. Thought I’d share this beautiful blonde in her denim one piece. There was some serious jiggle going on that I captured as well. Got some video but will upload it depending on how this post does. Please don’t forget to like. Thanks :pray:


Great capture, blonde with a beautiful body…

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Beautiful ass

Great cap

Would love to see it move

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Amazing. Video must be a BANGER.

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indeed it must

Elle sait mettre son corps en valeur et attirer les yeux des mecs . Oui! La vidéo!

Damn she thick af!!!

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Can’t wait too see her big wide ass jiggle in her jeans!

Thats a big butt…Good job!

Links to the videos:


I knew this one was gold!!
Great cap!! Thanks for sharing

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Haha thanks g

GYAT DAMNNNNNNNNNNN. What a sexy ass, can’t get enough of that jiggle. Good, brave work sir :saluting_face:

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That is a crazy sexy ass! Love the jiggle on her, thank you!

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This is my favorite post of all time on the forum. I just can’t stop stroking to those vids, gonna be busting phat nuts to these for a very long time, thank you so much for your service. :heart_eyes: :sweat_drops: :saluting_face:

Love me some thick booty in jeans! Thanks

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