Uploading Videos

This is how I have been uploading videos. The videos go up on a separate video page, and you link them in to your posts. If there is an other way, please share.


  1. Upload your video to the video section
  2. Create a regular post on this site.
  3. Copy the completed video link (and some jpegs) into the body of the post.

Step by step: Phase One

  1. From this page select the video link at top.

  1. A new page will open in a new tab. This is the page to upload videos to. Click sign (it never asks for a login because you are already logged in on this site.)

  1. Click ign In and your video page will come up. Click Upload.

  1. Choose your video file, add a title and click the upload button.

  1. When upload is completed (a couple of steps will be done automatically), you’ll get the Status Complete window.

  1. Click view video. It will come up. If it looks good, close the video itself - not the video page. You’ll be on your video page. Scroll to the new thumbnail, and right click it.

  1. Select copy link address . . This will be the last step on the videos page.

Phase Two:
8. Begin a post (Topic) as usual

  1. Fill in the title, category, & etc.

  1. Paste the copied link (from step 7) into the field as shown

  1. In a minute the link will show up in the preview pane at right. Add images to make the post interesting.

  1. Select ‘Create Topic.’

  2. Lastly, you’ll get a window saying your post needs approval. Click OK

Boom. Done . .