Venting about things (now with pics)

Edit: See pics I did manage to get (v sad)

I’m gonna lose it. Does anyone have an android app that will shoot true 4K with black screen? I have a Pixel 6 w/ a lot of technology that would help correct more active video and stills, even the native camera app looks breathtaking, but the black screen app is like a bare bones 1080p. I use “record video background,” and yes I have turned up the quality in the settings to high.

On a very related note today, for maybe the 15th time this year, a 5ft, 100lb, 20-year-old Latina that always wears skimpy outfits for the gym spent 10 minutes setting up her deadlift station in front of me on a piece of cardio equipment. Absolutely no way to get close without being extremely awkward, but I have a golden view of her 11/10 butt from this spot, very frequently. Today I got the whole bent over, VTL package. I’m going to need therapy if I can’t capture this.

Sorry, only place I can rant is here lol.




BVR record now PRO is pretty good. Try it out.


:rofl: :rofl:

Damn it’s much better. Thanks dude

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Been using Quick Video Recorder forever and aside from maybe not being able to shoot in wide screen mode on the Pixel 6 Pro (have since switched), it’s been good to me.

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Sometimes it’s just bad lighting, if it’s at night it tends to be fuzzy no matter how much light there is.