Video format & size limitation

What is the actual size limitation for video uploads? When I reach ~ 10mb I get an error saying that videos cannot be greater than 97mb (!?).

Currently I have to convert to low quality webms, were nuances like curves, panty lines etc are lost in pixelated video.

Any plans on improving video hosting capabilities of the site?

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True, but you can reduce bitrate and resolution and increase fps. I usually just set resolution to 720p, 4.2 bits and 60 fps. Doesn’t get pixelated too.
And maybe changing the hosting is not a good idea either, you should integrate video in this site too, because the community here is quite active and is not a bunch of douche bags

Thing is, I already reduce the resolution to 720p during video trimming. Maybe I need to rework conversion settings, but any codec that sufficiently reduces the file size, it also overcompress.

Regarding hosting, I’d much prefer to be able to embed my videos in the post, not linking to other services/sites.

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I guess there’s a time limit too, maybe of 2 mins or less ( i make it 1:50) , The rules def require a video upload limit and all stuff

I use avidemux to fast chop longer vids (and only the part I like best) with quality lossless converting. You can also use handbrake to convert format to high quality but more compact.

That’s why the video section sucks balls. I have no luck unless it’s a short clip. Thankfully you can just upload to and post the link in all its glory.

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