Video recording technique

hey guys, i’m new in this forum i want to learn with ur expérience to record discreetly, i mean where you hide the phone can u show me how u record guys ?

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up guys, share ur experience

New here. I don’t use phone… I have gopro session 5 and love using it. You can easily hide it in your grip :wink:

if you have an iphone you might have some trouble because apple doesnt want you to record with a black screen. otherwise samsung is quite usefull with lots of apps. i recommend google creeping apps or something similar

Thx for share ur expérience, personaly i use black samsung s7 edge he’s a good for record and i hide the phone in the net cap it’s useful, and some times i use a second phone for remove doubt as my phone in my hands


just got on the forum.
I have an android phone and use an app called Background Video Recorder by Kimcy929. Free. Very discreet. you can record from front or back camera. records with a dark screen or in the background while you are using your phone. so you can be using another app, checking email, on social media while the camera is recording.

You can place the recorded files in a folder and have them hidden from your camera. so they do not show up in your gallery.

Yes, an icon shows on your phone to note that the recording is happening but you can change the icon picture as well as the notification message. I made my notification to read “Game Update in Progress”.

So if anyone asks if you are recording: 1) there is no notification or icon that notes actual recording - just a bogus message you need to make, 2) no video in your gallery (all files hidden), 3) recording takes place while screen is off or in the background behind other apps.

I have the options of holding the camera in my hand, pretending to look at my phone, or placed in my shirt pocket or pants pocket, with the camera lens peeking above the pocket, and record without being obvious. There is also a timer to begin recording without needing to activate the app.

Did I mention this app is free?

Happy hunting.

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Personally, I use to use this app : Mobile Hidden Camera – The best spy camera for Android, iOS & any mobile devices

Good luck and keep on creeping !

what do you mean by grip?

anything for ios?