Videos or pictures

Apologies if this topic has been asked before. I’m curious as to how many of you would take pictures or shoot a video? And of you guys taking pictures do you use phones or proper camera equipment (I do know a few people on here who are very efficient with a camera).

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I usually do video only on my iPhone but I will start taking pics for face shots so it won’t be blurry in the screen caps.

Got way better odds with video getting clear shots, at least frames that can be pulled from video, plus you don’t have to keep pressing buttons. Never know when a phone camera wants to play slow settings messing up a picture into a blurry mess. Had it happen with some outdoor pics getting ruined by a slow shutter speed. The down side is 1920 or 1080 pixels depending on how much they’re in the frame vs 4000 pixels or however many your phone can do, can’t see special details closer.

I prefer videos cause then if the subject is walking you can watch that ass jiggle and plus with videos you get more content and is a lot easier


Videos have done it for me. taking pics i thinks is for those committed to their shots. With a video you can just stand by and wait for booty to appear. Only thing with video is phone storage and or not recording when you think you are other than that it’s work gold for me