Wardrobe of White Girls(OC)(Video)(S2 E4 Vault Vol. 4🏦)

Season 2 Vault Vol. 4 :bank:

I got hella white girls for y’all this time. Keeping up the pattern again next one will be Latinas, and trust me you won’t want to miss that one lol(Preview at the end).

I’m going to try and give y’all a story about at least one of the caps in the post or a random thought about them. For this one, that white girl with the blue leggings was vigilant af lol. I tried my best to get more of her, but it’s almost like she had been capped before and caught the guy because as soon as I tried to get behind her she would turn around. I had more clips but deleted them bc they were very far away. The clip that stayed was the last one, I was using the phone in pocket back then, but still saw her look at me from my peripheral so decided that was the last one.

Anyways enjoy this one :pray:

Super See Through VTL

White Girl Blue Leggings(Caught?)

Short PAWG w/ BF

Sweater White Girl

Fit MILF Squatting

Target Worker White Girl

Super Tight White Girl

Short Haired White Girl(Slight VTL)

Preview: Lots of Latinas Coming Soon…


The queens of cakes! All nutbusters right here! I always look forward to your posts!


Mhhhh another sleepless night incoming here, some serious nutcrackers in that compilation, little do they know, some heavy ropes are shoot at.
Amazing catches my friend, your series are faptastic. Keep up your great work. Thank you so much.


A lot of creeping here

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Appreciate the support :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Little do they know indeed lol appreciate the love :pray:

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Good or bad lol?

with your posts you have become a legend my friend I hope to see more material of women with huge asses and tits in spandex thank you very much​:drooling_face::drooling_face::yum::yum::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::heart::heart::heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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My friends Epic this




Legend not yet, y’all haven’t even seen my best ones lol

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sperm in your this ass

I can’t wait to watch your masterpieces I hope to see something cameltoe bbw in spandex too

Holy shit!! What a win this one is! Love thise fat asses and the see through! Thanks!

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Fit milf squat is spectacular

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Short but definitely sweet

that first super c thru vtl was incredible, thanks for sharing the vid!