What do you shoot with?

What do you shoot with and why? let’s hear some answers

always latest iphone available

Bout to get the 12 Pro Max
Most of mine has been done on same brand device.

I have some nex-a (not 4k😔) shots but that’s hard to conceal and it makes the shutter sound, so not ideal.

I’m lightly testing the gopro 8. I want to love it, that’s all I got on it currently. I forget it often so nothing to share

OnePlus 7 Pro and a spy cam.

@Lizzy if you got a phone just for creepshoot them remove the speaker :wink:

I owned one plus before and the camera was always crap. I love my iPhone lol

I hear you but it’s fine. It’s not a Samsung, pixl, or iPhone, but it takes photos just fine. To me apple is so restrictive, plain, and boring.

Yeah I had a one plus 6

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iphone and ipad :rofl:

Samsung S10 and a Nikon P900


OnePlus 7 Pro, Canon M50, and spycam.