When did you Discover Candids?

Hey all so I am curious how you guys discovered candid shooting.

I started in 9th grade with this girl who always wore the tightest jeans and had an amazing gap. Not much has changed since then. I remember my girlfriend went through my phone and caught me. We stayed together and I stopped but after I got into college I started noticing all the opportunities presented to me.

Eventually I found thecandidforum and saw shooters with really high resolution shots of down blouses and whatnot and realized the detail you can get with a camera. Until then I thought I was the only one doing it. As time goes on seems like even more shooters are out there now.

Ive been shooting candids off and on for 12 years now… How about you guys?


Same, taking pics of my gf then it naturally went to otger girls.

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2018 by taking just pictures, 2019 when I had the first phone that easily shot great video. I thought why not use the opportunities in crowded places for my own benefit, plus it’s great to be near attractive girls. They rarely notice me filming but they do feel the attention that I give them.

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I was living in New York City around 2010, getting paid as a street photographer. I was always in the touristy areas waiting for the right lighting or the right scene to unfold, so in my moments of boredom I would snap pics of hot chicks. I’ve always been an ass man, so eventually I had the idea to try and capture women’s butts in an artistic manner.

New York was a great place to shoot. The crowds allowed me to get up close, the noise masked my shutter clicks, and there were tons of tourists with cameras so shooting openly with a DSLR was never weird or suspicious.


I started taking pictures of people in stores, then found out someone was making $2mil/year and I bout cried for a week straight cuz their pics were good but not as good as mine!! I was limited to my ability, I’ll leave it at that. This was around 2002-2005 maybe.

2010 comes around and the cameras were getting better, I saw a few targets and went with it. Next thing I knew, I stumbled acros a huckleberry or two, then Twitter, and the rest is history.

a couple of years ago my friend advised me to visit sites candidshiny and sexycandidgirls
since then i can’t stop :rofl:

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  1. I was a HSl Photo Journalist and shot photos for the weekly new letter and yearbook! I think I still have my first Candid/Creep shot of a Cheerleader walking down a hall in super tight jeans. I couldn’t resist. Since part of the class was developing your own photos, it was like having my own private studio so I avoided having to send 35mm film to get developed. My Teacher was a cool old perv that had no problem with me taking pictures of girls. 6 years later I was taking photos as a amateur photographer at the Grand Prix of Long Beach (1988 Al Unser Jr. won the race.) I had Never seen so many beautiful women from around the world! I was in Heaven! This is a scan of my original photo from the World Cup in 1992, one of my favorite candids ever.


Are people still making that kind of money snapping creepshots? I’ve never heard of this

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How is it possible to make that kind of money? I was hanging out in professional photo circles in New York City in the early to mid 2000’s and no one was making that kind of money…Maybe a paparatzo might get lucky selling a celeb candid, but not even the top model photogs were making millions.


@dbcooper @DSAFAL308
These weren’t creepshots, they were just funny pics of people in store for the most part. I was getting them from concerts, beach side, and wal mart was the best especially in the low income areas. I was moving around so much up and down the east coast from VT to SC.

Social media was just getting started, forgot the big one at the time, but someone had created a site maybe(?) I can’t remember. But it may have been by ads at the time too - again this internet was all starting to boom again cuz of more social media. All I remember was the news had the guy on TV for making $2mil the year prior and set to make a little more that same year because of things like having internet, convert 35mm to digital, a PC to post content, a stable environment (LOL), things I couldn’t get. Broke my heart!


In 11th grade, their was this girl with amazing legs and thighs but she never posted any pics on social media. So I said screw it I’ll take my own pictures! Took so many pics of her especially when she wore her black yoga pants.


Cool story and love the retro candid :)

For me it started when I was around 12 taking creepshots of family members (not by blood) and then it moved to classmates and eventually to stores and other public places. When I realized I live in one of the best states to creep in (it is hot as fuck here so every girl in the summer is wearing just about nothing) I went wild and now it is deeply ingrained in my being. I see an amazing ass in public and the first thing I do is whip out SPC and start capping away. It is an obsession at times, there was weeks I would go 10-20 hours shooting/looking for subjects. But I enjoy it so very much, it is an adrenaline rush and more than anything an art but I admit my intentions are not in the right place more often than not.


7th grade… went to a private education and this cute girl in uniform dress squated in front of me for a good 2 minutes digging something out of backpack… saw her cute panties and I became obsessed with this voy hobby and candid just falls perfectly in this category- it’s real, it’s raw… and it’s very easy to get footage. Then the yoga pants took the world by storm and I just can’t stop looking ever since


In the 10th grade when I finally got a smart phone. My hobby has grown as I got better phones with better cameras.

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I just posted this on an old forum post because I didnt realize there was a way more recent one so I’ll put it here too.

"I love a good origin story.

I’d say mine started once I stopped committing girls bodies to memory and began compiling the social media pics of all the hotties at my middle sch. Eventually got fed up with them not posting enough good photos showing off the tight outfits they wore to class so I chilled out for a bit.

Then one day during state testing, I got sat behind one of the girls whos social media photos I’d been using. Blond, slim thick, tight clothes, she had it all. I was able to mostly focus on my test but then we all got a stretch break. She stood up with these black cloth leggings and Im sure she caught the eyes of many, me included.

I thought back on that moment later that night and decided that it wasnt good enough just to commit it to memory. I knew I wanted to snag some pictures/video for myself but thought it’d be impossible to get anything good if I had to try and sneak something with my regular camera. I found a cheeky little hidden camera app with a journal icon (which got me through like 90% of high sch lol) and learned very quickly how it worked.

With the help of the app, I took full of advantage of the stretch break during the next testing day. She had on tight and bright jeans with a short hoodie so even my crappy phone back then got some nice shots.

I’ll never forget looking back on the videos I took later that day nor the anticipation that came before it. Just seeing those cheeks from the perspective of my phone at hip level assured that I would almost never look back when it came to taking candids.

man, i really need to start taking candids again"

i didnt actually even have a word for these type of photos till that old subreddit got nuked back in the day. Then i started seeking out forums, this being the best one ive been on so far


It wasnt until i was working overnight at my job and we had workers from different locations come in for the overnight. Well i got along real well with this real pretty girl who was from out of state. We ended up working together. Well i was on my knees working on the lower shelves and she was standing next to me working on the higher shelves. So for the first time, i looked up and saw that pretty little butt right in my face. I couldnt help it, i put my face even closer in it and then i got my phone out and recorded her while.she was talking with someone else. I later looked at what i recorded and was like wow.

i was always on my knees working, so it happened many times since, where a thick or even petite customer would be standing next to me and i turn around and have her butt or pretty legs right in my face. I got grinded on so good one night, i still think about it.


A customer grinded on you while you were working?

It was about 7 years ago when I first started at my job. Factory job so there’s a lot of 18-early 20’s girls, usually very fit, all working. Naturally seeing all the bending over and asses sticking out in their leggings and shorts, I couldn’t resist and starting taking creepshots

I woke up this fetish after watching a video of a mom who is wearing a tight and revealing mini jean short, since then I watch this type of material and I even have personal photos and videos that I have made but I don’t dare to upload since they are very amateur and I don’t know how to use the page a hundred, then I will be uploading them I think