When did you realize you enjoyed taking candids?

just curious as to when people found out they liked this stuff. i started shooting in hs. i dont really remember when i shifted from regular porn to voyeurism porn tho.


probably around 16 or something, end of ms, and in hs

access to a phone/camera and just wanting to “keep” if i saw something nice

i was never into regular “porn” mostly like candid stuff or just what i found sexy (aka tight jeans, spandex, dress hugging butt, etc)


end of ms. i always thought girls in yoga pants were the hottest, arguably even hotter than more revealing things like bikinis. i’d see them and wish i could jerk off to them like that - just going through life in normal everyday clothes. i eventually realized that i could make this happen if i started to take pictures of them, and then it was history from there. there’s something so hot about the fact that the girls have no idea. their just going about their day, completely oblivious to the fact that us pervs are taking pictures of them to jerk off to later. makes it even more addicting


Honestly, I was in 10th or 11th grade and simply saw an ass while I happened to have my camera app open and thought… “what if-“


when I exited the birth canal and saw my first nurse


When I started working at a job where lots of people show up wearing revealing clothing, the rest became history. I thought about capturing it for later. If the real thing looked so good, then what about a digital version?

Then I just went and tried it to see if I could do it myself and I got hooked. Then I watched some of those compilations on various sites and liked those but it was often the same few clips. Then I went to the image search and clicked on this forum’s name because it sounded sketchy. I wanted to see if it was real, or one of those “every tap redirects you to a scam” type sites. Then I saw a legendary post and well, the rest is history here too.


when i recorded my aunt and then started building a collection of her. its wrong but she is hot as fuck.

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I’m 29. It was sometime last year and I had found a couple spring break or Mardi Gras videos with girls flashing and what not. Idk why but it ignited a desire to find more candid type videos. Probably something with the authenticity of an unaware participant. I then searched for a bunch of stuff on tumblr and from got really into seeing leggings, short shorts, and uppie videos. Then eventually I started doing my own because it gets difficult not too honestly. Sometimes you see an ass and you’re like… this is some top tier shit. There is also a rush that comes along with shooting , though I’m just a casual. There’s something about the hunt that can be quite addictive, though. Quite a rush.


I wanted to take a pic using my phone of a business posted hours, but instead realized I was taking a video. Then, before I could adjust, a beautiful woman came through, in cut off shorts and a white loose top, paused right in front of me, like huh, what’s he doin, then left. Didn’t think much of it, other than damn, she was hot, let’s take this pic of the hours n get out of here. Later on I was going through my camera roll, and it just clicked. If I had a pic of them, I would never forget them.

send some of your aunt and ill send some of mine

First time I ever did it was the first few days of 7th grade. Started early, my habit has died down over the years but sometimes I’m still tempted to sneak a pic

You gotta show her man

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