Which phone to buy?

hello, I would like to get a new phone for better quality candids,
I saw the s22 ultra but I find it too big and imposing on my hands,
The google pixel 6 is eyeing me, know if it’s better to wait a few weeks to see the photo evolution on the pixel 7?
Or another phone to advise? (knowing that I prefer to stay on android).

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I have the pixel 3A, and that generation phone has an absolute superb camera, so I can only imagine the pixel 6 or 7.
I’d recommend the pixel, either one. For the price ($600 range) is a much better buy than a $1000 iPhone or s22.

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I have the 6 and it’s great. If you’re looking for a deal, wait till the 7 drops and buy the 6

S22 ultra hands down

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I hear a lot of the elite guys use this


The X4 pro is out too, so I guess that takes it’s place

If not the s22 ultra, then the s22 or s22+. The s22 is really compact, and only slighlty inferioir in terms of cameras. For me, the s22+ would be hands down the phone I go for, cameras, design, performance, etc. Betwen the s22 and s22+, go for whatever fits your hand better, apart from that, they’re gonna be the same.

A pixel would be better with the price and less bloatware especially since your an android fan.

I would advise NOT putting accounts, passwords, or wifi access to cheap China made phones.

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finally i took the pixel 7 and the evolution is present

im seriously thinking about buyin the pixel 7 (regular) and swapping from iphone, can you post any candid video with it? (in shops / mall preferablly) and let us know how is the stabilization thanks!

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what iPhone do you have? it has good stabilization especially compared to my old phone.
Small defect I find that it makes digital noise with the ultra wide angle when there is not enough light like:

(more?) the main sensor is very good. I will post soon with

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post more of her pls

just dont get iphone. the camera is great from up close when its focused, but a little far and its so bad. ruined alot of good shots even on max settings

what do other phones do better from far away? im always tring to use iphone but lookign to get new phone

iphone 12 mini, also the pics linked looks good thanks,but i honestly am cocnered aobut stabilization mostly.

This last pic looks like the camera is set to 4k and zoomed in with possibly bad lighting. Any one of these not accurate?

iPhone needs to be at 1080/60fps for video, 4k quality drops for the High Efficiency setting to save space on the device. Photo format needs to be “Most Compatible” for the same reason. Also, be careful with free clouds like Google and Amazon for storage, they drop quality after so match space used up

Wait what’s this about not setting video at 4k?? Even for the newest phones, 13/14 pro max?

The setting hasnt changed for the 13, I haven’t got to see the 14. Below is the difference from 12 pro max and 13 (regular) - no difference!
It’s been proven 60fps looks better than 30. If you try 4k that’s great but don’t go to 60fps that’s where iOS kicks in the High Efficiency for video and kills the quality in my opinion. Especially when you upload at 720fps particularly this site

iPhone 13 (not pro, not max)

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here’s a video I recorded at 1080/60fps, edited and slowed down certain portions, and saved as 720 to upload to site.

I forgot I uploaded this actually, never created a post - or it got kicked cuz lack of likes:

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