White Knights

What’s your guys’ opinion on white knights/beta males who try to alert females to what you are doing?

What’s your experiences with them?


My experience is that anyone who uses terms such as Alpha or Beta when referring to anything other software release life cycles needs to grow up. Seriously, this isn’t some glorified incel forum keep that shit out of here.

As to your point, who cares? Act cool, deny everything and go about your day. Nothing’s gonna happen unless you start acting sus.


nice contribution

Beta male is a term used to describe men who think and act feminine. They also praise and worship females.

Should i find another term to make you happy?


Just refer to them as people; if it’s a man, refer to them as a man and if they’re a woman, refer to them as a woman. You don’t need pseudoscientific qualifiers to denote what type of man someone is, least of all because they’re calling you out for being a pervert.

Newsflash: we’re all perverts on this site! That doesn’t make any of us an ‘Alpha’


Hahahaha exactly They are just weirdos that want to "one-up’ you and appear like captain america. Every guy is a pervert, out of that a small proportion of guys are alarmers.

Them telling on you comes from good intentions. I enjoy being a creep, others don’t. Just be chill.


Lets agree to disagree thanks for the derailing

White Knight Syndrome

n. A personality characteristic found in most males that lead them to:

  1. rush to the aid of any female they see who appears in any form of distress.
  2. Become attracted to said damsel in distress.
  3. Follow the dying code of chivalry and generally act like a nice guy.

Also called immature man’s disease.

to sum up:


It comes from naivety about the true nature of modern women.

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We know what we’re doing is wrong. If you get called out on it and are mad about it then don’t be a creep. It’s very simple. We are creeps, dude. Just a fact.


i use this site frequently and i’d still tell on a perv in public lol it’s not ab “helping a damsel” just be slicker :man_shrugging:


If she didn’t wear hooker clothing then there is nothing to worry about. These y.oung ladies all wanna be vsco sluts but not hold up their end of the bargain.

People percieve you how you want to be percieved. You can’t wear pornographic attire in public expecting zero provocation. They wear provocative, elicit, explicit, exhibitionist type clothing.

:up:skirt interests pre-date the 21st centry. Its been a thing forever: i.e, “looking up a woman’s skirt”.

Many women say - “what I wear says nothing about me but a lot about you”… This is insanity. So, I am a pervert for looking at your see through titty shirts; cameltoes, no underwear, see-through leggings, bent-over booty pics on social media; tongue-out photos, double-trouble bubble-butt booty-shorts.

Women use assets as a way to attract a potential mate.
The mate either will observe her(creepshots) or engage with her booty-calls(insta-date).

Maybe the guy who got 20 likes on his comment and the “likers” are all apart of this movement lol. :hugs:

Yes, redpill, bluepill, etc., are all ideologies. Doesn’t mean they don’t have relevant relative implications. I don’t get “White knight Syndrone” but I’ve seen those who do and it disgusts me. They jerk off to women and then notify them that others are “creeping” on them, in public…Legally…

@toborobot It is not “wrong” by any mere sense of the term. Right and wrong are relative notions. I don’t see it as wrong to prolong what I am already seeing in daily life, without intruding into anothers life.

Candid photography have been around for years. We are just a subset, a niche form of that category within the field of art. It is not stalking.

I work asset protection at target(22 years old). I stare at bent-over bootycheeks on the cameras. The cameras capture all footage of your person. I’ve seen girls flash and get naked mid-store giggling. I don’t do nothing about it. Just kick back and “perv-out”.

Make the claim - “What they are wearing is wrong”.


People percieve you how you want to be percieved.

It’s interesting that you say this, considering you think women that dress provocatively are asking for ‘provocation’. Let’s say you’re right on that. Surely then on the flip side of that is another reality, where any dudes who get called out for their sus behaviour (of which there are plenty on this forum I imagine) are also asking to be perceived how they want to be, which in the eyes of some of these women means ‘weird ass creeps who make them feel uncomfortable.’

Maybe the guy who got 20 likes on his comment and the “likers” are all apart of this movement lol

If the movement is called Not Looking Like a Thumb then not only am I part of it, I’m its leader. Honestly, I wish I could see the faces of the users on here that talk about defeatist nonsense like red pills and blue pills. I’d bet everything I own that they all have one thing in common, which is that they’re butt-ugly. They put forth zero effort to work on themselves but will happily take a shot at women who choose to spend an inordinate amount of time to look bodacious, because it’s easier to shit on others than it is to build yourself up.

To even have the audacity to come on here and blame women for wearing what they choose to is pathetic. Want fewer men or women to call you out while you’re out being a creep? Look the part. Act the part. Ryan Reynolds could follow women around with a Tamagotchi and they probably wouldn’t care. Why do you think that is? Hint: it’s because he looks like Ryan fucking Reynolds. Y’all need to start doing stuff that puts you in the best place to not get called out, instead of sitting around on your fat asses and getting in your feelings when people rightfully call you out on your behaviour.

Remember, people percieve you how you want to be percieved. You know what hot women absolutely do not vibe with? Ugly self-pitying fuckers with no confidence. Funny how that works.


What are you, an alpha male creeping on women? Lmao please dude.




This has to be sarcasm I hope


This is exactly it, a candid photo is just capturing a moment we can already see with our eyes.

If we were using hidden cams in bathrooms and changing rooms then maybe id jump aboard the “we’re all just filthy perverts” train but its just not true.

Many times when im shooting candids i get in close proximity of the female and she is well aware of what I am doing, and she many times like the attention and will touch her ass, bend over, etc.

This is a 2 way game for some of us.

yes exactly

lol okay andrew tate

If you wanted to rant about how you’re so alpha and the world is so beta you could’ve just done that. But don’t ask for the forum’s opinion and then get your feewings hurt when people don’t agree with yours. We’re all beating our dicks to the same pictures of unaware women. I don’t think you’re a bigger man than anyone else on this forum.

But keep up the sigma grindset bro :+1:


I feel like there was good intention with the start of this post, never mind the terms used. I never felt any type a way for the terms, other than noticing those referred to as alpha males are asinine, ignorant af, and can never fit into anything - sorta like not able to adapt which is key in all walks of life. So, useless to themselves and society. I’m also not one to be quick to judge others like calling someone out based off a single trait. I stick to calling people some sort of ass or a bitch, just me.

We are at a turning point where these alphas will start to look like others, they will be heard more in the coming years and it’s already started, look at Tate. Is he really an alpha? Assuming this is what others are calling him, he has some intellect but misses by a long shot on some things, so maybe he is - ignorance is the most prevalent feature. He has good stuff to say. But it’s the soft asses of society today that give him a platform, and he is just boisterous. There are plenty of people saying the same thing, I’d prefer to see these weak ones perish, strictly the toxic ones.

I don’t use the term White Knight, but I get it. They are annoying, sometimes they are large people too which is kinda funny. I’ve seen them more in others posts, may have encountered one or two, I usually pay no mind. I came, I saw, I capped, and moved on cuz some dude was eying me. I prefer to save the fight for another day. I have never been affected to remember a single incident. Just keep shooting!

it’s amazing to see the perspectives these people have made themselves believe, all the contradictions in these paragraphs, like the only person i know in real life that acts this way talking about beta and alpha and shit… gets bitched by his own girlfriend? like this talk has to come from a place of hate, fear and insecurity.

Agreed. This hobby draws a certain attention, users, etc. I stay out of the conversations mostly and not gonna call any type of person out. I will enter when the conversation if/when gets off course in hopes people will keep things positive.

I like a challenge tho, call em what you want!! White Knight, cock blocker, it’s whatever!!