Who knows about your hobby?

Do any of your friends know you like to shoot creepshots? If so, what was their reaction?

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Only me . . Once I got a knowing look from a guy I worked with. We were both eyeing the same girl. I was filming, but not sure if he saw that. I’ve also run int other shooters from time to time, no problems though. I use my phone and a code to unlock it. Don’t need a heroic mall cop asking me my business


One of my female friends (same as my pfp) knows. She hasn’t brought it up but she at least tolerates it. She always wears stuff to cover her ass when we go out now though so oops :sweat_smile:


Not one person. I would probably never share unless someone told me first, even then I don’t trust people so probably wouldn’t share


Bro that’s wild :joy: damn you got a chill friend


No one lol. If anyone knows, no one has said shit to me.


My real good co worker /friend, when we go out and i try to take pictues hes my spotter, we switch spots at times. The good shots that I’ve posted on here were with him watching my back.


Your mom.

Beyond her, no one else.


He takes pictures too bud and i understand what you are saying. He caught me years ago and instead of just letting it go. He was like bro, that aint shit, check these pictures out.


I’m just a hobbyist with creepshots, but go through phases of taking fewer or more of them (nothing that reaches the quality of some of the posts I’ve seen here, goddamn).

My girlfriend knows about my hobby and a few of my closest friends know too. My friends are pretty neutral about it. My ex used to take photos of other women with/for me, and as a general kink we found it hot to get off to.

My current girlfriend had mixed feelings about it initially, but she gets aroused by it and does participate. Partially because she’s bi and we like looking at a lot of the same things (e.g. trashy girls with fat asses). And partially because she understands the thrill of it and how satisfying it feels to have and take pictures of hot girls without them realizing it. It works out, because if we’re playing pool and there’s a hot woman in the vicinity she can just pretend to take a video “of me” but catch whichever woman we are obsessing about that day. She’s not 100% into it all the time, but it’s fun when we are both in the mood for it.

It’s important to recognize that this behavior is generally frowned upon, and people’s reactions are going to be based on their values and how open you are with them about other things as well. My girlfriend has experienced a lot of harassment from men, which is part of the reason she didn’t know what to make of me wanting to video other girls I found in the wild, but neither of us try to capture images of a girl with the intention of freaking her out or making her feel unsafe. It’s mostly to get off on later, privately or together.

Definitely a personal choice whether or not to let another person know, but the people I’ve told are people that I trust and who know what a sexual person I am to begin with. I’m glad I don’t have to hide this part of my sexuality from the people I’ve dated in recent years.


Haha I disagree with you overall, but you’re right to say it can get you into trouble. It’s not something to just flaunt and go around sharing with random people. But I don’t think it’s this evil or bad thing that should create a need for secrecy in your life. I’ve had great times sharing the experience with others, and zero regrets so far.

How does she care but still hang out with you? Makes no sense

It’s not illegal if you’re being responsible about where you take pictures. Worst thing that could happen is getting banned from a store and some public embarrassment


I mean, she’d clearly rather I not do that but I suppose she just likes me more than she dislikes what I do :man_shrugging:. She’s pretty cool so I’m not about to look this particular gift horse in the mouth.

Wtf is pfp?

Man that’d be so fucking cool… if you had a women to help nobody would suspect a fucking thing. I wish I had the balls to tell my wife because it’d be an endless ass buffet

Yeah but it’d be quote the embarrassment

profile picture


The answer to your question: pfp means profile picture.