Why do you do it? (Shoot candids)

What motivates you to shoot? What started it? Why? Do you do it for yourself? Do you do it to share? Do you watch your own videos?

I’m trying to figure out why I do it? It gives me a real rush, intense feeling. I can’t explain it. I get so excited not only by the beautiful asses, but the thrill of the hunt almost. Like you can sense when someone is trying to hid it, or when someone is trying to show it off, as if they know what you are up to (that’s when I love it the most).

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Mainly right now because it gets me out of the house, I really don’t have any responsibilities and I realized how much taking candids gets me energized to go out and do stuff that I wouldn’t normally do. The thrill of the hunt is definitely real too, I took a lot of risks back then and I kinda take it easy now but the rush is what keeps me alive right now.

I haven’t had a lot of success with candids though, I go out for 3-4 hours (most was 6) at a time when I intend to record and I rarely come back with something that’s decent, I can chalk it up to lack of attractive women in the stores I go to and my lack of knowledge on where to find the attractive women in my city lol. Do trust me though, I intend to share if I do ever get anything worth sharing.

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There’s a thread about this already


Could you direct me to that thread?.., I’ve tried looking for a similar topic (I searched uncategorized, and equipment techniques/ setups) but couldn’t find anything, I’m assuming it must be buried underneath the other threads.