Wide hips Ebony standing in line

First post. I recorded this incredibly booty at the cashpoint. Hope you like

Video link: 138.2 MB file on MEGA


What an incredible first post! She’s the definition of a brick house :heart_eyes: keep up the good work


Thanks! I hope this ass gets more attention, it deserves it


It has my attention :heart_eyes:

Glad to hear it


Incredible. Would happily service her through those jeans.

Okay. My apologies. I just would like to see a streamline of sexy posts.

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Now that’s a fucking ass right there! Perfect for dogging :drooling_face:

Tayla.mgm I saw your question. I consider her sexy because of her shape, ratio, skin color, clothing, hips. She is not my ideal, but she does turn me on a lot.

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Wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::ok_hand::ok_hand: she is epic

What an amazing ass and body

To me, she’s legit, a rare and hugely sexy piece of ass

I love love love wide hips. She makes me wanna start getting outta my car to use the ATM again Lol :laughing: Unbelievable vpl thickness in those jeans thanks!


I’m glad you like

What a brickhouse