Women are getting so skittish these days

Today was a good day I got some really hot ass girls. But man today was bad in terms of being noticed. I had 4 girls that became “aware” and suspicious of me. you can tell when they are. It’s a feeling. And for the first time ever I got kinda caught. Was following these 2 girls and out of nowhere one turns around and looks at me. She pulls her friend to the side, I just keep walking. But as I pass I can hear her say “why was he following us”.

Im like fuck…played it cool and headed for the nearest exit. Called it a day. I was only recording and keeping my distance for like 20 seconds. It’s beyond me how she realized it so fast. Weather she knew what I was doing or not I don’t know. Was a close one boys :sweat:


Gotta practice your zestu


Yeah, some chicks know and dont mind. Others are always sus of everyone and looking to be a Karen. Glad u kept cool. Ive been keeping cool and using multi strats. I mainly use black sceen and another feature with Samsung many know about…it helps in bad situations. Together with black screen and just letting video record has helped. Juat sucka if the vid gets back glare or a little to unsteady.

But yeah. Keep calm. Dont do like me amd freak then delete everything. Stay calm and exit the scene.


He needs a session with wing san


people definitely getting savvy. Be safe out there


I think it’s a combination of too many guys snapping pics inside stores, and feminist social media sharing stories and vids of confronting creepers.


Sometimes you don’t realize it but it looks like you’re running to a lunch line. Gotta ease up on the steps, maybe turn to the opposite isle first, then turn into them. Definitely make it seem like you’re there for everything but them. They’re more aware now because of the internet that’s for sure.


Honestly the biggest counter to this is to simply follow the two golden rules: 1) be attractive and 2) don’t be unattractive.

If you’re attractive, women will still notice but most simply won’t care. I’ve straight up taken my phone out, opened the camera app, switched to black-screened video and not had them bat an eyelid because they were checking me up and down first. I’m only returning the favour.

Obviously I still try to be sly with my camera placement but I find they’re a lot more forgiving so long as you don’t look like a thumb or give off Kevin Spacey vibes.


yeah and ur age helps too, if theyre college girls and ur not around their age theyre not gonna as comfortable around yk?


Absolutely true on both accounts. I like to shoot outside, if possible. A bit in malls, and CVS a couple of times. Not shot in Walmart or target. Security cameras and no quick egress. Third wave feminism has emboldened the self-righteous. The way I see it, they would dress that hot is they DIDN’T want guys to look. And now we can film what they show us . .

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I agree about the uncouth behavior of some shooters. I don’t see harassment as a good way to remain undetected. Also, with the ease of camera phone shooting, it’s getting crowded out there.

It is a universal truth about unknown intentions. The trick is not to be freaky or obvious about it. Think like a pick-pocket and be natural. Many newer shooters are taking risks, making it more challenging for the rest of us. Patience and discretion should win the day. Some situations you’ll have an amazing subject nearby, but other factors affect the decision to film. Things like, are the passersby aware of the moment, or maybe randomly gazing off. And how distracted she is - would she notice.

Bottom line - creep without being creepy about it and everyone will be better for it.

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Women want to flaunt their bodies to attract the attention of attractive men. They also don’t want to live with the consequences of their flaunting, so when an undesirable man gawks they take offense. They want to flaunt, but they don’t want you to call them out on it.


Also very true. None of us should get to have our cake and eat it too . . I like to shoot office girls because they are deliberately dressing to attract attention. Same at festivals and fairs and clubs. Women shopping at target aren’t thinking they are on display, like shoppers at a high end boutique.


We also don’t how the poster actually moved in the situation, how close or far he was reacting and pointing. Unless I see that, i can’t make the complte claim that the women were hyper sensitive…the shooter may have been really obvious and/or with their intentions.

I am not a ‘sniper’. I like to walk along and follow, so learning to move with people can both seem random and get great angles. I dress to fit in wherever I am shooting. Downtown - business casual and a briefcase for the lunch crowd, shorts and sandals for tourist spots. Rarely sunglasses.

Pre covid was easier, perhaps?

Tourists in big city crowds are my favorite subjects, but I no longer live in a big city. I’ve had to adapt to sniping from long range.

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Funny enough im pretty sure theres some research on what women think of to be a creep & attractiveness had the opposite effect as well as age.

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Makes sense. Everybody’s on the internet, a lot more people are recording now then there were before. A lot more communities out there that share this hobby, and people becoming brazen/clumsy. Also, as stated, more women becoming cognizant, people being exposed online, etc. In short, it’s a lot more mainstream and a lot more out there than it use to be. Back then, it wasn’t really an issue. And by that I mean, you just didn’t have a lot of people talking about it. Now, as trends often come, people are aware and are doing stuff about it. Because more people picked up the hobby, and perhaps because of all the people that got exposed, they’re on their toes. I noticed it, too. Not nearly as easy as it use to be. I wouldn’t say it was like fish in a barrel or anything, but I could easily knock out videos when I first started. More or less the same now, but people have become more cautious of their surroundings, and rightfully so.

That being said, you adjust to the times. You back off and film somewhere/somebody else if they’re aware. You become better at reading people and reading the room. You look at up techniques that may help you become a better shooter in the future. Lastly, it’s never worth it to put yourself on the line for a candid shot. Look at the sheer abundance of content being provided to the site on a regular basis. It’s nice to get that attention from your peers when you post good content, but it isn’t worth risking your livelihood over.