Yall think she noticed me recording? had to try get a closeup i love those black addidas leggings

i was holding a box with the phone in the middle of my hand and the box lol idk why i feel like she noticed something :joy:


So… something tells me she miiiiiight have known. lol


Confidence. I believe a few of us like to believe we’re being covert, but the body language is giving you away.


“Confidence makes you untouchable” is a phrase I’ve heard before, can’t remember where. If you act like you’re supposed to be there and could care less about the subject — basically your goal is to make it appear as if you don’t even know they’re there, then generally no one will care and move on with their day.

If you start looking around, making eye contact, moving a lot, shaking, or appear to be nervous… that’s going to make others (the subject) nervous/suspicious of you naturally.


oh okay thats what was happening lol i never looked her way neither made eye contact maybe thats why she couldn’t say anything haha

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I cringe when I see these guys out there who don’t know what they are doing.

This isn’t a child’s game and there is no spring training.



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The tight adidas leggings with the socks and slides is such a turn on!

She look good