Yummy mummy fat bubble butt (OC)


I can survive a trasnatlantic sinking just by getting around her waist :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:


Goddamned heavenly ass…

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Damn, that’s just fantastic.

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How delicious it must smell that well-formed ass!!!


She probably has that heavenly bounce!

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amazing dumptruck

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nice phat dumpy nice catch

Holy MF Got Dayum…I would eat that booty for hours

Aphrodite lives! :heart_eyes: :peach:

Your city is fire so many hot woman

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I have more pics but they are kinda the same. But no video unfortunately. I can post if you’d like

@Bigcheeze487 Phenomenal work! Ofc I’d love to see more shots! No such thing as “too many” shots.

Instant boner

Thanks for sharing, as always, fat and juicy asses