Giving out Blue Checkmarks

Thank you so much and all of you for the support and all the likes. It makes risking all these shots well worth it and it feels great to be verified on here! Can’t be anymore grateful, happy shooting!

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I post decent content and participate as often as I can.

My pic quality ain’t the best due to my phone, but my good technique makes up for it with good shots. Take a look at my best!


I Got Three more Suggestions.

I nominate @caPMan2000, @Kungfucandids and @YaBoyRichard01. They also got worthy content that has a lot of likes. In my opinion, they should get one.


I post quality content, heart every post I like, and comment when the poster provides good quality content.

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I’d like the blue check mark if it allows me to post gifs, I’ve been on this website for a while now maybe a year or so. I only post my original work, never blurry pictures, and always provide a video link if there is a good one. I have a few posts 200+ likes and many with over 100. Spring is coming and I just got a new camera so I’m gonna be pumping out a lot of candids soon

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