Has anybody ever got caught?

I dont know if anyone recommended it, but these clear bags work very well at concerts, event’s, on campus, or really almost anywhere in public in America. I worked at Amazon and we needed clear bags, so ive got one i use sometimes. You need to make sure the camera is right up agsinst the plastic and rhat the plastic is clear enough and clean. They are called “stadium bags” or stadium approved. :ok_hand:


Today I had a near miss of being caught. I was capping a girl’s sexy cleavage (casually standing aside, looking to another direction). But some guy close by was suspicous - couldn’t understand him as he spoke some Arabian language. He approached me from behind (tried to have a look on my screen) and alarmed his friends, said repeatedly something like “Camera! Camera!”. Fortunately there was no direct interaction betwe*en us. I instantly took my phone as if a long-awaited call was incoming, spoke some things I usually talk about in fake calls and left the scene without a hurry (although I expected him to confront me), speeded up after the next corner. Quite close. :neutral_face: (Funny enough, I have him photographed when jumping up from his chair :laughing:)

I don’t know, I didn’t watch in her direction. Maybe he alarmed her, too. But no one followed or confronted me. Best case was if he thought he misinterpreted the scene when my “call” came in and I spoke about crazy business details … (if he understood me at all)

Just recently. She Looked, smiled, and walked away lol


Did you have your screen visible so other people nearby could see it?

Of course I try to hide my screen, but in some situations others could get a glimpse. Unfortunately, a dark brightness setting doesn’t apply to the native cam app on my phone. And I couldn’t find a good replacement app for taking photos, yet (most black screen apps are intended for filming, but disturb the usage of the camera for taking photos :neutral_face:).

Get one of these cases and never worry again ;)

I wouldn’t use it all the time, only when hunting



This would not work in “nose scratch” scenarios. :rofl:

Why not? You can be holding your phone with the flap closed and still scratch your nose with the hand you’re holding it with

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I used to record more foot related content, but haven’t for a while due to some issues I ran into. But, one time in this random college library ( i could still pass for a older college student ) I was trying to cap some girl at a study desk thing. I had previously seen other students sitting in the aisles reading/studying so I decided to try the same with my phone in my bag pocket probably 15-20 ft away. She didn’t do any more foot actions and I was being stupid and walking around and it must have sus’d her out. When I watched the video later on I noticed she not only looked at me and right into the camera lens several times but she also clearly took a pic/vid of ME and my camera in my bag… it’s hot but more so when it happens to someone else. Not trying to get fucked over foot stuff. Stupid stupid stupid. (but kinda hot)

Keep the video and leave the area. Cops cant do anythig if u and the phone arent there anymore. And police reports are bullshit if they dont have info on the suspect

If u ever get caught, leave the area, you are the evidence, do not wait 4 police. They have no investigation without u, and their not gonna build a case on a non violent crime if you left cuz the person has no evidence of u recording… Same goes for flashers

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back when I used to shoot, I would use a clear bag like this at the waterpark. put the gopro in it and record. Walk up to the drink stations and have my phone in my hand using it normally. Got some amazing footage this way!!

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Got caught for the first time a few days ago. Lady agressively asked me "whats up? ". I asked her what s up back and she asked what i was doing. Played it clueless, I use spc so wasn’t too worried. Looked at the footage later and she looked at the camera and gave a nasty look. Nothing further but i left the store def Fd up the vibe

A few years later but I got caught but I was a work trip hundreds of miles away.

I was following this college woman around at the outdoor mall. I never followed her into a store so it was hard to prove it. Anyway she turned around and started getting loud about me recording her. I simply left the mall and got on a plane the next day.

I will never ever film in my own city that’s a massive risk.

Alright for all my Iphone users. Go to settings, click accessibility, click display & text size, scroll down to reduce white point and turn that on. Slide the white button all the way to the right. This makes ur screen darker to where nobody can see it. Now when you go cap, go to ur camera and you can hold your phone comfortably at your side and use the volume button to snap pictures. Thank me later happy hunting :smiling_imp:


Honestly - just get one of these and never worry about accidentlly touching the screen or someone behind seeing what’s on the screen