Has anybody ever got caught?

I’ve been caught a few times but only one said something. It was a hot college age girl with her grandma and her ass was hanging out of her shorts. This was in my early days before I had really worked on my technique or knew when it’s time to leave. She noticed me and her grandma alerted the store manager. Little did I know that next time I kneeled down to get that perfect ass shot the managers were watching me from afar. I was kicked out and asked to leave and never come back. At the time I was very scared and rattled, as I had never been busted. Luckily I was in a town 2 hours from where I live. I got over being scared after realizing that nothing really happened, just was asked to leave and got a death stare from the girl and her grandma. Do I still go back? Yep


You got any more pics & vids of the girl on right in the grey spandex?

do you shoot with a insta360? do you have anymore tricks how to hide it?


The app also stores all the videos and pictures into the app and not your actual camera roll

this application is wonderful, I activate the recording and turn off the display, and I’ve never had problems, and I record big asses, I’m careful, I don’t look at them and I know how to angle the camera trajectory well


So, to avoid this, usually when I record I like to start the recording on a low brightness before I actually get the shot I want. I know where they want to go but usually when I get to a meeting point I try to advert their attention by trying to focus on an object infront of them or eye level with me so they don’t see me recording below them. If I see them start to look down I immediately put the camera down and if I think their suspicion level is up I just lock my phone and end the recording. I’ve never been confronted from this but have had some females look at the camera but not confront me.


That grey leggins ass is insane. Have vids?

Been at it since 10 yrs ago. And got caught once. Denied it. But I’d say dont look at target at all. You know what I have been doing? I have been calling my girlfriend and put her on speaker and talk to her while I shoot and no one’s SUS anything. Or sometimes as I m shooting I act distracted or as if I am in the phone and I m being an ass to whoever is on the other line and that way people concentrate on that and forget to even think you might be taking pics. Deflect no matter how. Most of my shots are with the phone in my ear , brightness down all the way. And just look the other way as you shoot like your looking for is someone or something


I’ve always wanted to try the fake phone conversations😭Especially saying some wild goofy shit or like you said being an ass But I don’t got the improv skills for that

It works but since you can’t see you need to learn to shoot the right shot

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you circled back on too many times

Don’t be afraid to get a smaller phone and just have two :innocent:

I suggest you don’t delete the videos, upload them to a file sharing service first. But that only works if your phone is pretty much clean of anything you don’t want people to see. If you’re gonna unlock the phone and show it to a cop to prove you’re innocent, it doesn’t work if you have previous candids or something.

Remember that the cops can’t MAKE you give up your passport, but they CAN coerce you into using fingerprint or face recognition to open it, so turn it off (which for most phones should require a manual password input) if you ever see a cop.

I once went on a 90-minute walk to avoid being spotted by police, lol. They’re not so scary. You weren’t doing anything illegal. Just avoid them, they’re not gonna call an APB or anything. If they show up, it’s only to seem responsive.

How do you use the Pokémon go while recording?

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Come on now. Give up the goods, HAHHAHAH! :smiling_imp:

I see a lot of you suggesting a clip hip. Do you guys record with the front camera when the phone is on your hip? How’s the quality compared to the back cameras?

I never got obviously caught. Im usually good and recording, certain ways you hold your phone in public where its like everyone else on a phone. It was one time i was in line annd this cute girl was in front of me and i couldn’t help it, wow she had a nice butt in these jean shorts. I had seen her when i first entered the store but thought, ill never see her again ill just get.my stuff and leave. I dont go in places just for candids ha. But when i was in line,ready to check out, i ended up being right behind her and her family. She had the prettiest smile. I recorded her and she looked at me, and i always wonder if she realized what i was doing, if she did she didnt care, she gave me that pretty smile , i smiled at her and she bent over real quick, got back up and started swaying her butt back and forth and after a few minutes of that, she walked closer to her ppl and they finished checking out and left. That was a fave video of mine for a long time. I got caught when my hat touched this woman’s butt. she was older and it wasnt hot “hot” but it was something, since ive never had anything anyway, and well i was below her, shopping on the lower shelf, i turned around and her butt was in my face but my hat hit it before i could even admire anything. She quickly turned around was like, oh my gosh you were by your butt! You better be careful and how that can be dangerous, annd how thats crazy and such, she wasnt like crazy mad but she had those words to say…i was apologizing and saying that i was just shopping on that lower shelf and happened to turn around, i didnt.mean too, but she walked to the next aisle and continued shopping.

Brave Warrior. He who summons the clarity of dslr clicks and still remains invisible… :clap::clap::clap:

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Ive been caught so many times LOL

It doesnt really matter. Just sucks to burn a location or get a bad reputation. You also could be filmed back and smeared. That really sucks.

Use a BVR and film.from front cam … from your pocket. No one will know … ever since ive done that i haven’t been busted. Well ive been busted for following lol