Majorly busted at T-you know where, 99% sure the was police was called, how badly did I screw up?

You’re good man I’ve had the cops called on me before because I used to be way too ruthless, they didn’t do anything just told me to leave. I also got caught at Costco really bad after filming Liz and they told me I was banned but I still go there regularly so haha you’re okay man don’t stress yourself out


Agree with this

You’re “doing it wrong” hide it in something. There are pinhole GoPro’s too ya know… just use a little bit of creativity! Please don’t ruin our hobby.

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They could care less about you. They always just go after the girls that steal makeup. Next time just say, “hey retard, you stare at the cameras all day. You mean you can’t have cameras in here?” And then laugh and call him a bum.

“hobby” I feel better about this now f
hearing that … lol

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From someone who works Prelaw. YOU CAN RECORD ANYTHING IN PUBLIC. If you didn’t steal anything you have nothing to worry about. Doesn’t matter how many times you went into your bag if you didn’t conceal anything.