Mouth watering gym teen ass in see through white spandex shorts, black thong?

The best up please vid


Once a girl gets fucked youre no longer her daddy now she submits to other men


That makes no sense and doesn’t address anything I said at all.

baggy shorts and a tee shirt…

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holy shnikes! great shots, thanks for sharing

There is hope for this site after all, thanks for the a1 content as I was going through countless post of not much my type of material then bam you nailed it appreciate your hard work sir​:+1::pinched_fingers:

You dont have a day anymore shes a grown woman,i addressed what you saud wym

I’m so thankful this thread was reup’d. Holy fucking shit man. Wow!

If your dau is dressing like a whore, then you failed to properly prepare her for dealing with adulthood. It means you didn’t teach her about the dangers of flaunting her body, treating herself as a sex object, the dangers of promiscuity, and failed to teach her about the creeps ready to stick cameras up her butt.


the shape is amazing

I love it

Wow that post is pure gold.
Definitely got hard the moment I saw her great ass.
The fact that she need to show it off to everyone, just proofs what a great slut she is. :)

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Absolutely amazing


Beautiful is there a video

Its perfection :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

These chicks know we’re looking! So hot and slutty :yum:

please post a video

The mound from the back in some of these shots is​:pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: