Part 2 - For Some Reason MILFs Seem To Enjoy the Attention

Bonus footage of this MILF. More conversation and she even throws in a nice stretch bend over,glad i saw it coming and had my cam ready and pointed right where she wanted it.
Love to get more comments and opinions on this milf. Just a clueless lady who likea friendly talk? or was she getting off on the attention?
Heres Part 1 if you havent seen it yet For Some Reason MILFs Seem To Enjoy the Attention

Part 2 Video

Coming Soon japanese bubble butt at Ikea


Something about that blonde milf has me in love with her she’s not stereotypically sexy but she fills out the milf body so amazingly a “real” body with plenty to grab onto


I’m not fully sure about she was cheating or simply goes grateful for the fact or be subject of attraction. Probably the second, sure she wore those right clothes not only because are comfy, she clearly likes to be likes. This does not mean desire to commit infidelity or fuck with strangers, could be only to sense herself attractive. And sure she is, I must say. My two cents.

I agree, I think it was more enjoying the attention. Seeing this reminds me how naturally beautiful this womam is. Good for her…

Cannot wait for the ikea set!

a lot of milfs have nonexistent sex life so they like the attention

As she clearly states she’s a mother. Not only but I can tell she’s sexually frustrated. She knows she has a great body since I bet a lot of men check her out all the time. She definitely wore all those tight clothes on purpose and she definitely noticed you recording her. But you recording is probably the closest thing she’s gotten to sex/feeling attractive in a long time. Milfs love grocery stores. It’s a place where they almost feel single. Nothing in them is worried that they’ll run into their husband/boyfriend in the produce section or aisle 10.

Milfs flirt with guys at grocery stores all the time. Trust I know this because I used to work in one and it’s crazy how women will tell you “you look great” “handsome”, pull their pants up infront of you, bend over infront of you, check you out. Then you see then a week later with their husband and act like they don’t know you


yessir! facts!

She clearly loves the attention! Great work man

Think she is a single milf. Yeah, she needs some. I had a ‘friend’ like this that litetally said to me one time , “ugh I havent even had sex in months”. Women have needs too :kissing_heart:

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Love milfs! nice job! thanks