Types of cameras

I’m curious does everyone use their phones to shoot? Or do you all use different types of cameras? I saw this online and I was wondering if anyone’s ever tried anything like this.


Anything with 1080 p is going to be shitty quality, look for 4K only but even then it makes it difficult to easily access your content when compared to phone stuff

It’s the fps that you need to look for. 4k and 1080p are worthless if your fps is low. This is important because when you move suddenly or can’t keep a steady shot, it’s going to be a blurry mess.


Agree with the guys here, 4K 30fps minimum really, 60fps if you can get it.
Aside from a phone, you’re best looking at an action cam, DJI Action 2 or pocket 2. Or a GoPro 8 upwards. Prices are £300 over here so it’s a lot but I’m looking at what the action and pocket can do for next year.


Another option which I’m testing at the moment is a bag cam, basically my phone conceled behind some mesh of a duffel sports bag. So I get to carry it in my hand and shoot front and back.

It’s early stages but I can share footage if the size of the files will be within the max allowed.

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Another way is to fix a phone case inside the bag and make a tiny hole throu the bag. So you can easy clip on the phone and you have no movements at the hole.


Tbh I use both Phone and Action Cam.I have an IPhone 11 Pro Max if I want to use something quick and obviously better quality but if I want something a tad more discreet I use my action cam.in which I integrated with an old iPod leather case to make it look like a wallet.it’s not the best quality and I’m looking to get the higher quality Sony x3000 cam but I find that it works because I can film my subject face foreword without having to turn to the side or hold my phone up looking like I am filming.


Is that the DJI action cam? There’s a version 2 out now which may improve things. If you can get close to 4k 60fps you are doing well, 4k these days is an absolute minimum.


Sony HDRAS20

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These devices use the absolute most cheapest materials. All of which effect the outcome.
The playback can say 1080 which is fine but you need the frame rate which the mfg always omits. Plus when you go to pull the vid it may only be 720, some will try to beef up the 720 to 1080 - again with cheap materials.

  1. The lens quality is the most important part PERIOD!

  2. 1080 is perfect with 60fps, even 30fps but other options should be available for screen shakiness. You don’t need 4k yet.

There are several of these type posts about different equipment. I suggest if your gnna go wearable, build a Pi computer (starting 60-100$) and purchase a separate lens (or multiple) for 25-100$. These costs come with SD card and ready to go OS and Wifi, some time may be required for MINIMAL programming requiring ONLY …………copy/paste. It’s easy to install and setup, all 100% free forum support galore, there is no better, competent support.

This first pic has a lens attached to the front of the board, not required. At $40-75 with a case that board is about 2 (two) juicy fruit sticks of gum wide LOL. And below are two other quick options with prices:

This pic shows a few lenses and that board is approx the size of a credit card running $70-100.

I searched “rPi wearable camera”

This Adafruit option came up first, this brand is very trustworthy. Though big and clunky, guaranteed all the specs, available options, design thoughts will be clearly explained:

And for a LOL or the sunglasses lover, raw setup showing relative (2xjuicy fruit) size:


new here been a fan of candids for a while ( consuming ) always thought about capturing one at least one ( producing ) really valuing all the info being shared. Hopefully will produce and contribute soon enough

The other post is here, user uploaded pics.

thanks mate i can see the wallet one rn, hopefully csan find some more bag ones soon

i may have to ditch the as50 soon and go higher quality too but if i can just get a basic setup for now

i got the x3000, its white and its okay, maybe better then the as50, but im tryna find a wallet thing like that, no idea what i should be googling for asi only find normal wallets lol! im also an indoor shooter so its hard

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lowkey outside of candids in general this is fuckin cool to see, i dont fully understand it but tech is neat.

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I’ve dabbled with various methods of shooting, but ultimately settled for my camera phone. Convenient, less conspicuous if held covertly, and plenty of variety. In the advent of bigger phones, it’s made it slightly difficult, but manageable still.