What type of pants drives you crazy?

Those NVGTN leggings and the patterned flare pants :weary:



Any kind of pants tight enough to create a cameltoe :smile: A tight pair of jeans with a great ct is ideal!


Ribbed leggings are my favourite. PInk or light brown are the best colours. And a brucey bonus if they are so tight so you can make out the shape of their twat.

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The tiny lululemon black shorts make me cum instantly

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My two favourites are yoga leggings, especially when stretched thin and those stripped ones that get swallowed by ass cheeks.

Also form fitting stuff like this one here: Round thick ass on high heels

Dark blue jeans with high contrast (white or silver) stitching on the pockets.

Nice tight jeans on a firm slim thicc ass pretty much all of my posts are of these

Any pants that are tight and the ass is eating the pants

You will like this then Round thick ass trying to eat trousers