What type of pants drives you crazy?

Gray Leggings would be number one. Followed closely by tight khakis, and tight light colored blue jeans.


Gray snug dress slacks, jeans, softball uniforms, jodphurs

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leggings, the more revealing the better!


See through leggings for sure.

That would have to be office trouser work dress pants khakis slacks especially if they have back pockets.I used to work in an office and retail setting this plump round tight walking around with dress office attire pants it drove me crazy matter of fact all the female workers it was heaven. I don’t know something about those type of pants just drive me crazy anytime I see a woman wearing those type of pants in public I get so freaking aroused.

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Those new branded alpha, alo and such. Those famous tiktok leggings of course. And my ultimate Favorite… pocketless black leather

Sweatpants, joggers, those fuzzy looking pants/shorts/pj’s so fucking sexy

Me quedo con l Nº1 y 2

low rise hollister jean shorts are the best