Who else regrets not hitting on someone after the fact?

Not sure about yall but I’ve been kicking myself for not saying at least something after looking at pictures. Inviting body language, eye contact, and behavior that I didn’t really notice at the time shows up. I’ve got my fingers crossed I see some again, but just a reminder to shoot a shot and at least break the ice cuz you may not see them ever again.


yep. wrote about it here: Two tight teen sisters at Starbucks white and jean short shorts gap - #8 by myorgsite

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Never regrets.
One thing I learned was never change a thing.
Regardless, I played the hand well, shit hand - but made it right.
That said, there was one chick I waist I did at that time, glad it wasn’t me later though!!

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I have had a couple of chicks checking me out and I had one start talking to me and I freaked cuz I had my cam all up on her. She was a tall latina with legs for days. She was talking to me in Spanish about how she couldnt decide what vitamins to get. She was very very nice. I totally had that in the bag but I freaked and made small convo, helped her out and left. I regret that one cuz she was looking for attention and more for sure.