Candid Photo Tips

Thank you so much for sharing these tricks and tips. I’ll most definitely use them.

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Hi, I’m from Germany and my English isn’t that good.
I wanted to tell you my app for Android, which I’ve been using for a few years. SO CO / SPY CAMERA OS it’s no longer available in playstor. It’s only available as an apk for download I use kamara app for videos and you can let it run in the background

Do you have any apps you can recommend

Hope google translated it so you can understand it😅


Along the lines of the spy bag, is one I’ve been working on. Simply taking a padded envelope slightly bigger than your phone and cutting a small hole where your camera is with the phone pointed down into the bag. Down is important for me so that my record and black screen button are accessible near the envelope opening. Put Velcro on the flap for easy/multiple accesses. Also had to line the inside edges of envelope to keep phone from wiggling out of position and the envelope tight around the camera hole.

The voila, walk anywhere like you’ve just gotten your mail or are going to drop it off… Can hold at side or set on counter… Other than being difficult to confirm your camera is lined up (must practice/do arts and craft time ahead of shooting obviously) this setup is looking promising. Still experimenting.

One ex using this method:


Would you please provide some pictures of the bag and how exactly the phone is positioned just to make it clearer


Great tips, I believe the more you photoshoot the more experience you get, as people mentioned reviewing your work afterwards and being like” yeah I could’ve done that better” helps a bunch !

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@Saabviggen My envelope or the bag mentioned earlier were you wondering about?

I’d like to see both of them if you don’t mind

I put my phone in a grocery store basket with camera lined up on the slit :smile:

BUMP for a excellent post.

I do the elbow trick, but with some differences… some one may find it more helpful. First, que arm which I will scratch has to to be down with cell phone on horizontal (pretty natural pose) this allows to look even more natural and get better booty angles. You only need to practice you recording technique in (horizontal, and maybe a little bit angled to look more natural)

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